Mushroom And Spinach Dip

Mushroom And Spinach Dip

Mushroom and spinach dip is a perfect dip or spread that can be served along with raw vegetables like cauliflower, bell pepper strips, broccoli florets, zucchini coins, celery, carrots etc. Here are the steps to make the spinach and mushroom dip.


Butter – one tablespoon
Mushroom – fresh and finely chopped mushrooms of about 24 ounce
Onion – one medium sized and finely chopped onion
Spinach – frozen and chopped spinach of about 30 ounce
Cream cheese – softened cheese of about eight ounce
Sour cream – one cup
Mayonnaise – one cup
Tabasco sauce or any of the very hot sauce – two drops
Pepper – a pinch
Salt – to taste
Lemon juice – one tablespoon
Parmesan cheese – fresh and grated cheese which is optional

Preparation of Dip

Get the required mushroom and remove all the dirty and debris from it. Chop the mushroom finely and keep aside. Get the frozen spinach and thaw it and remove the excess water by squeezing and make it completely dry.

Place a frying pan on the stove and add one tablespoon butter to the pan. Take the finely chopped onions and sauté them along with mushrooms. Sauté those till it become soft and all the liquid in it get absorbed.

Get a large bowl and to this add thirty ounce of dry spinach, eight ounce of softened cream cheese, one cup sour cream, one cup mayonnaise, one or two drop of Tabasco sauce, pepper, salt and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix the entire contents very well and if you prefer add half or 34th cup of grated parmesan cheese. Now mix the sautéed mushroom and onion mixture to this bowl and combine them well with other ingredients.

Take this mixture on a dish and heat the entire contents in your oven for about thirty minutes at 350 degree F. now the mushroom spinach dip is ready. You can serve this hot along with raw vegetables, toast, crackers, bread chunks etc. You can even spread this on sandwiches. You can store this dip in refrigerator for about one month and warm it before serving.