Mouse and Keyboard Combined in Combimouse

combimouse Here is something, which you have never seen before. Desktop PC users all over the world are used to handling a separate keyboard and mouse. However, Combimouse has merged keyboard and mouse in a single device, dubbed Combimouse.

Features of Combimouse
Combimouse is divided into two units – the left unit and the right unit. The left unit functions as a stationary keyboard and the mobile right unit comprises of the keyboard and the mouse. To make matters easy or difficult, as you view this innovative device, the entire QWERTY keyboard is split into the stationary left unit and the mobile right unit. The left unit of Combimouse contains keys usually used by your left hand on a conventional QWERTY keyboard.

The right side offers similar function as conventional mouse. The mobile right unit can be shifted according to your need. The keys present on the right unit, are arranged according to your right hand use of keys on traditional keyboards.

The mobile right unit of Combimouse works in the keyboard mode by default. To convert this unit to mouse mode, users have to touch the area labeled Contact Switch. The keys I, O, J, K, L and < also functions as cursors when the right unit of Combimouse works in the mouse mode.

Combimouse benefits
Adjusting to Combimouse seems a daunting task for first time users. You have to relearn the entire typing process to get accustomed to this innovative device. However, we can applaud Combimouse as another space saving device. According to the makers of this device, this device is designed to prevent shoulder pains and sprains. Conventional mouse, owing to their location at the right end of your desktop, is responsible for creating shoulder abduction or unnatural opening of the shoulder joint.

Since the numeric keys are located on the mobile right unit of Combimouse, data entry job becomes easier. This is also suitable for fast shooting gaming. The keypad has additional keys for greater flexibility, which are currently unavailable on standard keyboards.