Motorola Unveils i410 With Push-To-Talk Feature

Motorola Unveils i410 After Milestone, Quantico, Debut i856w and Crush, the fifth Motorola phone, unveiled this month, is a basic flip phone named Motorola i410. This upcoming Motorola phone created for Boost Mobile might appear a little bland when compared with the other Motorola phones that preceded it this month. Moreover, Motorola has failed to give this device an appealing name. If you are willing to overlook these minor drawbacks, Motorola i410 is a suitable phone for cell phone customers on a tight budget.

Motorola i410 features
This basic Motorola phone is devoid of frills. Featuring only the basic phone features, compatible with an iDEN device, Motorola i410 has been created for facilitating smooth communication. This phone is packed with a number of push-to-talk options. Depending on the urgency or mode of your communication, you can opt for the push-to-talk walkie-talkie function, use the push-to-view feature or send messages to up to 20 contacts with the Send via PTT feature. Motorola i410 supports voice-activated dialing, with which you can command your phone to dial a number. For hands free conversation, you can switch on the speakerphone of the Motorola device.

The black Motorola handset flaunts a flip design. It is 3.8 inches long, 1.9 inches wide and 0.7-inch thin and weighs 4.5 oz. The 1.8-inch main display of Motorola i410 with 128 x 160 pixels resolution and 65K colors support is pretty ordinary. This Motorola handset has a small 96 x 32 pixels, 0.97-inch external display. Motorola i410 sports a backlit keypad with dedicated push to talk, volume control, web browser and speakerphone keys. This phone has an integrated music player. The stereo Bluetooth support and the 2.5mm headset jack allow the phone users to connect the phone to wireless and wired headphones. This phone has a micro USB port to facilitate PC syncing.

Motorola i410 could be used for multimedia messaging. You can use this device for exchanging BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG image files. Although, Motorola i410 can be used for sending MMS, but camera is absent from the handset. Web browsing is supported by the integrated Openwave WAP browser. The built-in aGPS support would help users to find locations on the move. The Li Ion battery of this Motorola handset supports talk time up to 3.5 days and standby time up to 7 days.