Motorola Rival A455 For Messaging Lovers

motorola-rival-a455 A new Motorola phone has arrived on Verizon Wireless – Motorola Rival A455. This phone is specifically designed for those people who are addicted to sending messages throughout the day. You can get prompt access to Instant Messaging style text and emoticons with this loaded messaging device. Priced at $99 inclusive of a two-year contract, this is the appropriate phone, which parents would love to gift to their adolescent or college going children.

Messaging features
Motorola Rival is a great messaging phone, which is loaded with the popular messaging options of the cyber world. You can store up to five hundred text messages in the inbox and outbox of Motorola Rival A455. It also features multimedia messaging options or MMS. You can access your Yahoo, Hotmail, Windows Live and AOL email account with Motorola Rival. It also supports Corporate Email, allowing you to sync your emails, contacts and calendar with Exchange 2003 or 2007. The instant messaging option available with Motorola Rival allows users to connect directly to Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. Rival also supports voice mail.

Motorola Rival has a full QWERTY keypad with backlight. It also features an external touch dial pad. It has dedicated keys for messaging, volume control, voice command, camera, lock and speakerphone. There is a 2.2-inch touch screen display. The 2-mega pixel camera of the phone features 7x digital zoom. This is a sleek slider phone measuring 2-inches (H) x 3.8-inches (W) x 0.71inches (D). It is lightweight and weighs 4.4 pound. Rival is available in purple and tin silver colors.

Verizon apps
Since Motorola Rival will run on Verizon, it will feature the prominent Verizon apps. Users can enjoy some great music with V CAST Music with Rhapsody. The VZ Navigator and city ID will help you to find your destinations easily. You can also take advantage of Visual Voice Mail and Verizon Backup Assistance.