Motorola Launches Diamond Edition Of Aura

Motorola Aura Diamond When Motorola Aura was launched last year, its $2000 price tag pushed it into the luxury phone category. Such an exorbitantly priced cell phone could only be flaunted by the uber rich, such as David Bechham, the brand ambassador of Aura.

However, it seems that Motorola was not content with the design of the standard Aura, and want to add more bling to the device to push up its price further. Moto therefore employed designer Alexander Amosu to add more dazzle to the Motorola Aura handset. And the end result was the Motorola Aura Diamond edition.

Motorola Aura Diamond edition
The casing of the Motorola Aura Diamond edition is made of 18 carat gold. The body of the handset is encrusted with 34 diamonds. Thirty of these diamonds are studded around the circular display of the Aura handset. Other than adding gold and diamonds, Motorola has retained the basic structure and technical specifications of the standard Motorola Aura phone in the diamond edition. Aura was the first mobile phone to sport a circular display.

Its diamond edition also retains the circular display with 16 million color supports. The LCD display is 1.55-inch in diameter. Motorola Aura has a 2-megapixel camera with fixed focus. It has an integrated music and video player. Motorola Aura features stereo Bluetooth. The CrystalTalk technology reduces noise interference. Web browsing and email are supported by this luxury Motorola phone. Motorola Aura is fitted with Micro USB port to facilitate PC syncing. The 2GB internal storage space provides enough space for storing your text messages, emails, files and documents. This unlocked device runs on the quad band GSM network. The battery of the phone supports up to 7.3 hours of talk time and 16.6 days of standby time. Motorola Aura has a rotator form. It measures 1.87-inch (height) x 3.81-inch (width) x 0.73-inch (depth) and weighs 4.97 oz.

Price and availability
Motorola Aura Diamond edition will be up for grabs from October 26 for about $5,730. If you want to get one for yourself, you should be pretty fast in placing your order, because Motorola will offer only few units of this limited edition phone.