Motorola Clutch i465 – The Simple Messaging Device

motorola-clutch-i4651 If you are one of those who still believe that the primary task of a mobile phone is communication, then the Motorola Clutch i465 will definitely satisfy you. After coming on Sprint subsidiary, Boost Mobile, this messaging Motorola device will now also be available on Sprint Nextel. This will be Sprint Nextel’s first push-to-talk phone with a full QWERTY keypad.

Motorola Clutch i465 features
Motorola Clutch is primarily a messaging device. The group messaging option of the phone, using the push-to-talk feature, allows users to sent messages to twenty people at the same time. Besides sending text messages, users can also sent voice mails. The QWERTY keyboard and the instant messaging style texting functionality are other prominent messaging features of Clutch i465. There are keys dedicated to messaging, camera, speakerphone and web browser. Motorola Clutch also supports voice dialing.

This is a rugged phone meeting the Military Standard 810F. Clutch i465 is designed to withstand shock, dust, solar radiation, extreme temperature, vibration and low pressure.

The in-built GPS gives turn-by-turn visual and audio driving direction. It also sports local search and mapping functionality. To find location, TeleNav is available for Sprint users, whereas Boost users can use Navigator.

Clutch i465 flaunts a VGA camera with 4x digital zoom. It features Openwave version 7.0 x web browser. This candy bar phone has a 1.79-inch TFT display. The 1130mA Li-Ion battery of Clutch i465 will support 205 minutes of talk time and up to 100 minutes of standby time. It will run on iDen network. Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network or iDEN was developed by Motorola and Nextel. This network is capable of accommodating six voice conversations within a single 25 KHz channel. iDen handsets can be easily programmed to support features such as voice mailing, GPS and applications running on J2ME code.

Motorola Clutch i465 on Sprint Nextel
Motorola Clutch i465 will be available to Sprint Nextel customers for $40. It will come with a two-year service contract, a $50 mail-in-rebate and $20 instant rebate. The $30 data plan will support push-to-talk feature of Motorola Clutch i465.

Motorola Clutch i465 from Boost Mobile
From Boost Mobile, Motorola Clutch i465 is available for $129.99.