Motorola Barrage V860 – The Rugged Motorola Phone

Motorola Barrage V860 Motorola had earlier announced that it would concentrate more on the low and mid range cell phones market. As promised, Motorola is bringing a new middle range flip phone named Motorola Barrage V860. Verizon Wireless will be the official carrier of this upcoming Motorola phone. Besides incorporating the usual technical features that we find in most standard cell phones, Motorola has taken care to create Motorola Barrage as a rugged device, capable of surviving harsh conditions.

Motorola Barrage V860 features
The clamshell form of Motorola Barrage V860 with rubber-like finish confirms to the strict military standard specifications. The Mil-Spec 810F certificate awarded to Motorola Barrage, confirms that the phone can survive shock, extreme temperature and dust. You can also go swimming with Motorola Barrage tucked in your swimsuit. This phone could endure up to 1-meter water pressure for up to 30 minutes. Another advantage of owning Motorola Barrage is the availability of push to talk service. The push to talk service will allow Motorola Barrage users to connect to other push to talk service users of Verizon Wireless, by simply pressing a dedicated button on the phone’s handset.

The push to talk capable phones are usually useful for professionals engaged in group activities. Motorola Barrage will sport an external display and a 2.2-inch main internal display. It will feature external music keys. The music player of this device will support MP3 and other popular music formats.

Users can create and manage playlists and sync music from PC. Verizon subscribers could access V Cast music with rhapsody for downloading their favorite songs. To enable memory expansion, Motorola Barrage comes with microSD card slot. Motorola Barrage also comes with a 2-megapixel camera with camcorder. The phone’s camera supports video capture, playback, brightness and color adjustment features. This Motorola clamshell will also support Mobile Web, mobile email, mobile web mail, IM and chat. It also features Bluetooth, integrated GPS and speakerphone.

Price and availability
Motorola Barrage will be up for grabs from the retail stores from 16 November. It will cost $249.99 with a one-year Verizon Wireless service contract, after availing a $50 mail in rebate. Customers going for a two-year contract with Verizon could get this phone for $179.99 after a $50 mail in rebate.