Money etiquette in social life

money-etiquette-in-social-life1 Money and issues involving money are always difficult to handle. In times of financial trouble, money problems seem to crop up everyday. Suddenly you seem to be spending too much and loans to friends and relatives become troublesome. Mixing feelings and finance results in situations that need to be managed with tact.

Money, therefore, also has etiquette. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about money, you shouldn’t have to. If you can’t afford something, you don’t have to empty your purse buying it to save face. Know how to handle such situations by following the right etiquette.

Acting like a bank
Lending money to friends and relatives is uncomfortable because you don’t know how and when to ask for it. If they forget about repaying it after a while, you may not want to act like a bank and hurt their feelings. Use a subtle approach and be concerned about the money, rather than demand.

There are some people who always try to get out of giving money: whether their own or others. Recognize such cases and be firm with them.

Gift giving and receiving
Collecting contribution for gifts is a common tradition in most offices. It can get tiresome, however, especially if you’re on a tight budget for some reason. Refusing to pay will only make you unpopular.

If you can’t afford the cash, then say that you don’t have it on at the moment and will come up with it later. Make sure you do come up with it later because someone else will have paid for your share.

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts if you can’t afford it. Gifting someone should be a heartfelt action. Buy something thoughtful rather than something you had to borrow and beg for. Some people can afford to give extravagant gifts and like to be generous or just show off. You don’t have to vie with them.

Following the right etiquette when it comes to money will help you out of some tough situations in your social life.