Money and marriage-resolving issues

money-and-marriage There is no denying the importance of money. It determines many aspects of our lives. More money means luxury and less money necessitates constant sacrifices and longing. In a marriage, money issues cause additional problems as it involves two people and their varied approaches to finance.

Even the best laid money management plans may not work at all times. Unexpected expenses are a part and parcel of life; one of the world’s many ways to remind us that we are not immune to its charms.

The important thing is how we handle these ups and downs. Playing the blame game is not going to resolve the issue; it will only affect one’s personal relationship. While money matters are important, don’t let their weight crush a marriage.

In sync with each other
At the beginning of your marriage, come up with a financial plan. This should include expenses like bills, groceries, taxes, savings, retirement plans and children’s plans. It is best to share the daily expenditure so that the burden does not fall on one person.

Make sure that money is saved for the future. If you have or plan to have children, get insurance for their education so that it doesn’t become an issue at a later stage and their future is secured.

If you or your spouse has any personal expenditure like spas, sports matches, concerts etc, keep aside individual expenditure accounts for them. Constant sacrificing of personal wishes can lead to bitterness and resentment, which ultimately is removed on the spouse, through no fault of their own.

Expecting the unexpected
You’re not a financial soothsayer and hence cannot anticipate the month’s exact expenditure. Certain extra spending always occurs and it is at these times that your saved money will come in handy. Being prepared for these expenses will prevent fights. When you know you have the capacity to deal with the problem, there’s no need to fret.

Remember that your marriage should always be over money. It’s not worth breaking up over the phone bill, is it?