Moby Explorer –The powerful File Manager for Java Mobiles

Moby Explorer –The powerful File Manager for Java Mobiles

Smart MOBY

Symbian Mobile Sets had an advantage of having a great file manager, and with this exquisite feature they were riding high in their race race against java enabled phones.

But with the recent development of a powerful file manager or MOBY EXPLORER things have fallen apart. Yes, this bermin software licensed file manager has taken a different role in managing files for Java J2ME mobiles and is a blessing for all java mobile phone owners. The earlier versions were v 2.0, v 2.1 and the latest one is of version 3.0.


This software can be easily downloaded within seconds and no predicaments are involved in its installation. MOBY EXPLORER.JAD or MOBY EXPLORER.JAR can be used. JAD file is preferred while downloading through WAP or else JAR file is installed directly to its memory using a data cable. If any error occurs in opening the file means it is not licensed. This needs to be bermin software licensed.


This options tagged with MOBY EXPLORER includes


Files can be copied or pasted to a new folder or any desired location.


Files can be renamed and deleted .Once deleted it cannot be recovered through any software. All files like autorun.inf which are viruses can be deleted as these cannot be located in its memory card. And so, this option makes phone virus free.


The great feature which is widely used, as it has the ability to hide any files and it can be retrieved later using ‘Unhide’ option. All Secure files can be saved.

It also has Unzip, Encrypt /Decrypt features and options to view files below 1mb size.
This is devoid of any security threats as it is certified by Thwate.

Enabled java Mobiles

The MOBY EXPLORER software can be used in mobile sets like SONY ERICSSON, NOKIA, SIEMENS and BENQ. Fewer examples are SONY ERICSSON K600,W880,M600,M600,Z530 ,NOKIA 6233,3110C,5130 MUSIC EXP,6275,2610,2626,N70,N75,N91, BENQ S75,SXG75 .

With this software the search for a successful file manager for java mobile phones is over and with each updated versions it seems to be coming out with flying colors.


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