Mobiado Grand 350PRL – The New Mobiado Mother of Pearl Luxury Phone

pearl-luxury-phone If you are looking for a new luxury cell phone, you can try the recently launched Mobiado Grand 350PRL.

After launching its Professional 105GCB Rose last month and Professional 105GMT White earlier this year, Grand 350PRL is the latest luxury phone from this Canada based company. This latest Grand cell phone collection from Mobiado is designed keeping the demands of businesspersons, and people, who despite the overwhelming popularity of touch screens, still consider the QWERTY keypads fashionable and sophisticated. According to Mobiado, Grand 350PRL will not only be the first full keypad luxury phone, but this will be the first phone to use mother of pearl.

Mobiado Grand 350PRL design
Mobiado Grand 350PRL is available in white, black, pink and gold colors. To enhance the durability of this luxury phone, the body of Mobiado Grand 350PRL is constructed of CNC machined from aircraft aluminum. To withstand everyday stress and to add strength, the handset is plated with black nickel. Sapphire crystals are inlaid in the frame of the handset, which is backed by shining mother of pearls layer. To enhance the luxury element of the phone further, the infrared window of Grand 350PRL is crafted from a single ruby crystal.

A specialty of the Mobiado luxury phones is their mechanical watch inspired designs. Design of Mobiado Professional line phones were inspired by square mechanical watches. Mobiado Classic phones followed circular mechanical watch design. The newly launched, Mobiado Grand line phones have borrowed their designs from the barrel shaped tonneau mechanical watches.

Mobiado Grand 350PRL specifications
Mobiado Grand 350PRL will work on quad band GSM, EGSM, HSDPA, 3.5G and WLAN connectivity. This phone is unlocked, enabling it to be used on all networks throughout the globe. The 2.36-inch display of the handset will support sixteen million colors. Grand 350PRL features a 3.2 mega pixel camera video camera. It is also fitted with built-in GPS. It includes music player, video player, micro USB connectivity and Bluetooth.