Mister Cartoon Comes On Samsung Messenger Limited Edition Phone

samsung-messenger-mister-cartoon The limited edition Samsung Messenger Mister Cartoon phone has been launched for a cause. A part of the revenue generated from the sell of this Mister Cartoon handset will be used for funding community art centers, art supplies of local schools of Los Angeles and outreach programs designed for at-risk youth. Moreover, to raise find for charity, the first ten Mister Cartoon handsets will be auctioned on MetroPCS’ Web site within a few days.

Samsung Messenger Mister Cartoon features
Samsung Messenger Mister Cartoon limited edition phone is a joint venture of Samsung, MetroPCS and the multicultural marketing agency SA Studios Global. The limited edition phone has been designed by the renowned Los Angeles based tattoo artist Mark Machado, better known as Mr. Cartoon. Earlier Mr. Cartoon has designed collectibles, including designer items for celebrities such as Eminem, Beyonce, Lance Armstrong and Brian Grazer. Mister Cartoon wallpapers, animations and ringtones will be preloaded on the Samsung Messenger limited edition phone. Users can download more Mister Cartoon creations from the MetroPCS’ web site.

The attributes of Samsung Messenger Mister Cartoon are designed according to the preferences of the youth. It is equipped with social networking, chatting and instant messaging apps. The 2.1-inch TFT display of the handset supports 176 x 220-pixel resolution images in 262K colors. It has an integrated 1.3-megapixel camera with digital zoom, MP3 player designed with a user-friendly interface, Bluetooth supported stereo, advanced voice recognition feature and MMS and SMS capabilities. It boasts a slide out full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. The storage space of the handset could be expanded up to 2GB with microSD memory card.

Thirty thousand Samsung Messenger Mister Cartoon handsets will be available. The first ten handsets will be signed by the tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon himself, and will be auctioned on MetroPCS web site. One of the advantages of subscribing MetroPCS’ data plan is freedom from entering any service agreements. The Samsung Messenger without the Mister Cartoon tag costs $199. Therefore, it is quite natural that the limited edition phone will carry a higher price tag.