Mint Cube MP3 Player For Men And Bubble Player For Women

MINTPASS Whether it is Apple’s iPod or any other brand of MP3 player, these music players usually target music lovers of both genders. However, Mintpass has conceived different sets of MP3 players for men and women. MP3 players for women should be designed to fit into their fashionable accessories collections. For men, however, the music player should be a convenient gadget that could be easily tucked in their pockets. Mint Cube and Mint Bubble are MP3 players designed to cater to the different demands of men and women.

Mint Cube
Flaunting a retro style, Mint Cube is bigger than your standard MP3 player is. The cube shaped MP3 player, measuring 50mm x 50mm x 50mm, features three analog indicators on three faces. The frontal indicator displays the volume level. The analog indicator on the left face of the cube measures the battery capacity. The radio frequency of the FM station is indicated by the analog indicator on the right face of the cube. On top of the cube, you will find ten buttons. These analog buttons will bring back memories of the old cassette players. You can push individual buttons for changing volume, changing track or channel and switching between music player and FM modes. On the back face of the cube, Mint Cube sports audio jack, USB port and the ‘hold’ switch for controlling the analog buttons of the music player. Although, the analog MP3 player might appear out of synch with the high-end digital music players, by adding Bluetooth support, Mintpass has tried to include an element of convenience to this device.

Bubble Player
Inspired by the Mickey Mouse shaped Mplayer, the Bubble Player is a conglomeration of circular bodies or ‘bubbles’. Conceptualized for women, the Bubble Player could be worn like a necklace. The MP3 player will comprise of nine bubbles. The neck strap of the music player will also flaunt bubbles. This feminine music player will come in pink and black colors, resembling your pink or black pearl necklaces.

Mintpass has not yet revealed information on availability and pricing of these stunning music players but we could hope to lay our hands on these products in the near future.