Minimalism in your Home Decor

minimalist-home-decor1 Finding the perfect place to relax just got easier. Without looking too far, give your own home a second glance. It’s the best place to come to after a long, hard day. However, if the sight of your house makes you feel more stressed, it probably needs a change.

Make this change in your decor. Clutter and untidiness cause stress as the mere thought of having to clean and organize gives a headache. Adopting a minimalist style in your decor will lessen your worries and offer much needed relaxation in your own home.

Go by the adage — “less is more”. Bold colors, accessories, prints, textures, furnishings should be cast aside. This doesn’t mean stripping down your house completely. Minimalist decor will involve stripping down to the bare essentials.

Open and free

Let your house reflect openness and cleanliness. Unnecessary room dividers should be removed. Make use of windows and balconies to let in natural light that will enhance your minimalist décor.

Only the best

Knick-knacks and frilly decorations are not needed. Avoid floral, animal or any other loud patterns for window curtains. Furniture also needs to be as little as possible. A sofa, chairs, coffee table, entertainment unit (simple and neat, not gaudy), and a lamp should suffice for a living room.

Just so that your house doesn’t look lifeless, a little warmth is necessary. A potted plant looks great as it brings the freshness of nature in the house. One beautiful painting or poster on the wall is better than having a cluster of framed artwork. A family photograph on the table adds a nice, personal touch to the room.

Go easy on colors

The paint samples will offer you a wide range of colors but getting carried away and selecting bright pink or red negates the minimalist look. White is your best choice for a minimalist home. Other plain shades of brown, green and blue will also work well.

Adopt the right attitude when decorating for a minimalist home. Think about a stress-free place to relax and let the ideas flow.