Mineral Cosmetics – Makeup For All Skin Types

Chemicals, preservatives, perfumes and artificial dyes are present in nearly every cosmetic that we use. These ingredients in your regular makeup could be responsible for your skin rash, acne and skin allergies.

To protect your skin from the ravages caused by the harmful chemicals, you can replace your regular cosmetics with mineral cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics primarily comprise of natural products. Devoid of chemicals, these products are most suitable for women with sensitive skin.

Mineral cosmetic benefits

Most popular cosmetic brands have a wide range of mineral-based skin care products. Traditional cosmetics contain fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial colors and perfumes. All these substances could be quite harsh on sensitive skins, forming skin allergies and rash. Frequently the greasy substances such as waxes tend to clog the skin pores, leading to acne flare-ups. Mineral cosmetics are free from harmful chemicals.

If you are looking for bold and bright colors for lipsticks and blushers, mineral lipsticks and blushers could definitely disappoint you. However, if protecting your delicate skin is your primary concern, a moderate range of earthy shades of mineral cosmetics will adequately satisfy your needs.

The earthy tone of mineral cosmetics is a welcome respite from the heavily made-up appearance. To give your skin the glossiness and shine, skin friendly minerals such as mica and bismuth oxychloride are extensively used in mineral cosmetics.

Mineral cosmetics usually contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide for protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. These substances are even safe for sensitive skin.

The mineral and herbal extracts added to the cosmetics and skin care products contain mild healing properties. They could sooth the skin. The antiseptic properties of herbs and minerals such as zinc oxide could prevent skin infections.

You might keep on adding layers of mineral foundation and powder on your face without clogging pores. If you are too tired to remove the makeup in the night, you can take the liberty to fall asleep without removing the mineral makeup from your face.

Applying mineral cosmetics

Given the immense benefits of these cosmetics, you should not mind taking a little trouble while applying mineral cosmetics. Take a small amount of powdered concealer or foundation on the bristles of the brush. Tap the brush to remove the excess powder. In a circular motion, brush your skin for a flawless finish. You might need to apply several layers of foundation to get the desired skin tone.