Microsoft launches BizSpark for its developer community

microsoft_bizspark Microsoft has launched the software known as BizSpark for some of their product development companies so that they get access to all the developer tools and current product building licenses. Microsoft decides to give three years of subscription to the Microsoft Development Network (MSDN) members, through which they can get free access to Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL Server and the latest Windows Azure. This is a universal product and is available across many countries of the world.

There are some prerequisites to become a part of the program, these are- The company must be in the process of developing a new software, which would provide some kind of technical solution over the internet. The company must be under private ownership for at least three years. The company should be in the business of software development and should have annual revenue of US $1 million or less. The company must also be a sponsored partner of BizSpark to become eligible for the system.

The main services of the software are- access to feature-packed development tools, generating license to all the server related projects and free technical support round the clock. All these are available free of cost. The tool is made for enhancing the goodwill among the developer community. Microsoft has decided to go for a bit of marketing strategies for popularizing this product among the communities. The company also gives access to required hand holding and programs to use it in the process of development of new software.

The MSDN community develops software that is highly developed than the free software, so Microsoft has to struggle a bit in marketing the free software. Today the development team looks for open source program codes and scripts over the web, so that they require less time to develop the software by reusing the programs again and again.