Microsoft Kin One And Kin Two Unveiled

Microsoft has at last launched the long awaited products of its ‘Pink’ project. The smart phones that have made their way into the Verizon network are Kin One and Kin Two. Packed with advanced communication and social networking features, the Kin phones have several unique features that you have not seen elsewhere.

Features of Microsoft Kin phones

Loop User Interface
Microsoft has created the Loop user interface for the two Kin phones. If you are one of those millions of people obsessed with social networking, you will find Loop an efficient user-friendly app that will automatically collect information from all your favorite social networking sites, and bring them together on the home screen, keeping you updated of every move of your friends.

On the home screen of the Kin phone handsets, you will find an area marked ‘Spot’. This space on the home screen has been created for sharing pictures, videos and texts and for updating your status. To accomplish your data-sharing task, simply drag and drop the content you wish to share to the ‘Spot’.

To ensure the safety of your documents and files stored in the Kin phones, all your data including your call history could be saved automatically in the Studio. From the customized digital journal, you can retrieve any data whenever you want.

Integrated Zune music player
When you have a Microsoft smartphone, you can expect to find Zune integrated in the handset.

Microsoft Kin One features

Running on the Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional platform, Microsoft Kin One is a sleek and smart device with a large touch screen and slide out QWERTY keypad. A 5 megapixel camera with zoom, flash and camcorder features is integrated in the smartphone. Microsoft Kin One could not store more than 4GB of data in its internal storage space. Lack of microSD card slot is a prominent drawback of this phone. Kin One features Wi-Fi, GPS and browser.

Microsoft Kin Two features

Microsoft Kin Two will be powered by the Windows Mobile 6 operating system. Compared with its sibling, Kin Two has a larger touch sensitive display. It flaunts an 8 megapixel camera that can be used for capturing high-definition videos. It has 8 GB internal storage space. Just like Kin One, Kin Two also lacks memory expansion. Media player, Wi-Fi, browser and GPS are integrated in this CDMA device.