Microsoft Brings World’s First Widescreen HD Webcam

lifecam-cinema Widescreen displays are the current trend in the PC world. Social networking sites are also encouraging widescreen videos displays. Following the popular widescreen high definition image craze, Microsoft has launched a widescreen webcam. The new Microsoft webcam, named LifeCam Cinema will be the world’s first consumer webcam made for PC, which with its integrated 720p sensor will offer widescreen video recording.

Cinema-like experience
The name LifeCam Cinema speaks loads about the features of this webcam. This Microsoft webcam has been designed to give cinema-like experience.

Its technical features are created to produce high-definition videos with stunning audio quality. Since lighting is often an impediment in capturing cinema-like videos, Microsoft has designed LifeCam Cinema to ensure high-definition image quality even in poor indoor lighting condition.

Videos taken with LifeCam Cinema will appear well illuminated and nearly flawless.

Widescreen webcam
We have seen many high-end digital cameras that produce high definition videos of 16:9 contrast ratio. However, this quality was lacking in the webcams. Microsoft’s LifeCam Cinema with its 720p sensor will be the first webcam to produce videos comparable with the high-end camcorders. The widescreen function of the webcam ensures that nothing is left out of the frame. The Auto Focus of the camera will retain the sharpness of the images. The ClearFrame Technology of Microsoft offers speedy processing of images, producing impressive videos despite the resolution of the image.

Further image sharpness is ensured by the improved noise reduction feature of the webcam.

Editing and video upload
LifeCam Cinema users could easily edit the videos by accessing new Windows Live editing features. With the help of Windows Live Movie Maker, you can edit high definition videos, converting pictures and videos into movies. The edited video could be instantly uploaded on YouTube. Windows Live Photo Gallery could also be used for editing and sharing pictures taken with the new Microsoft webcam.

LifeCam Cinema will cost $79.95 with a worldwide three-year limited warranty on the hardware. It will be available in the retail stores from September. Pre-sale orders have already begun on Amazon.

LifeChat headset
Microsoft has also launched a headset dubbed LifeChat LX-1000. This will produce crystal clear sound by considerably reducing noise interference. The new LifeChat headset will cost $24.95.