Metal Cleaning – Tips For Cleaning Common Metal Items

Each metal object in your house needs distinct cleaning method. You could hardly find a good multipurpose cleaner that could clean, remove stains and polish several types of metals. In the absence of a commercial metal cleaner, you can use simple kitchen ingredients to clean and polish metal items. Here are some cost effective cleaning tips for all the metal objects in your home.

Metal cleaning

Copper cleaning

Copper items tarnish easily, especially in the humid climatic condition. Rubbing a slice of lemon on a copper object could remove the tarnish. Salt can be used for scouring. If lemon is not present in your pantry, you can use white vinegar or even tomato ketchup for removing the tarnish. A powerful copper cleaner could be prepared by blending the juice of a lemon with baking soda. Rub the cleaner on the copper item and leave it aside for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it in lukewarm water. Dry the copper object with a soft cloth.

Chrome cleaning

Frequent washing with soap and water is usually adequate for restoring the natural appearance of chrome objects. However, if time constraint is preventing you from taking regular care of the chrome details on your vehicles or gadgets, you should occasionally dip a cloth in white vinegar and use it for removing the dust and rust from chrome. Even carbonated beverages could be used for cleaning chrome.

Brass cleaning

To make you brass objects look brighter and cleaner, every week wipe them with little ammonia. If you are wary of handling ammonia, you can wash the brass object with soap and warm water. After drying it, polish the brass piece with boiled linseed oil or olive oil.

Aluminum cleaning

Stains and corrosion from aluminum utensils could be cleaned by boiling an acidic food item such as apple or tomato in the aluminum container. Lime scales or mineral deposits in aluminum pots could be removed by boiling a mixture of vinegar and water.

Silver cleaning

To remove tarnish from sliver pieces, first wash the silver object in warm soapy water. Rub the object with salt to restore its shine.

Bronze cleaning

Bronze could be cleaned with a natural cleaner made by blending vinegar, salt and flour. Apply the cleaner on the bronze piece and keep it aside for at least 15 minutes. Wash it with warm water, and your bronze object will regain its former appearance.