Metabolism Diet – Diet For Correcting Metabolism

Blame your metabolism rate if your body weight is accelerating despite having low cal meals. Slow metabolism rate is responsible for burning lesser calories. The unused calories will accumulate in your body in the form of fats. Pushing up your metabolic rate is perhaps the best method for promoting weight loss. Metabolism diet is a diet plan developed by Dr. Scott Rigden, which outlays the dietary rules for boosting the metabolism rate for promoting weight loss.

Increasing the metabolism rate

Your metabolism rate might slow down due to several reasons. Sensitivity to carbohydrate could reduce metabolism. An under active thyroid gland could not produce adequate thyroid hormone to sustain the normal metabolism rate of the body, leading to hypothyroidism. Rapid weight gain could be a symptom of poor thyroid function. Chronic illnesses and liver problems could increase the risk of weight gain. Food sensitivity as a cause of low metabolism is often overlooked. Obesity is a common symptom of metabolic syndrome, which is a group of risk factors that are responsible for heart illnesses, diabetes and stroke.

Metabolism diet plan

The exact diet plan for boosting the metabolism rate depends on the factor responsible for slowing down metabolism. If you are suffering from carbohydrate sensitivity, you need about 1400 to 1500 calories everyday. Mediterranean diet is usually suitable for meeting your calorie requirement. Along with the low fat menu, you should include protein shakes in your diet. To boost your metabolism rate, try to have two protein shakes each day. Dehydration tends to reduce the metabolism rate of your body. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water to sustain the normal metabolism of your body.

Identifying food allergens could help to treat poor metabolism developing from food allergy. With the help of an elimination diet and by maintaining a food journal, you can get rid of the allergens from your diet. Once you locate the ingredients responsible for your food hypersensitivity, stay away from the substances throughout your life.

Mediterranean diet is suitable for people suffering from hypothyroidism. You should include omega-3 fatty acid rich foods and supplements such as fish oil and flax seed in your regular diet. Chromium picolinate supplement is also suitable for boosting secretion of the thyroid hormone.

To treat metabolic syndrome, you should adapt the caveman diet for boosting your metabolism rate.