Medicinal Value of Neem

neem Neem

Neem tree (botanical name  Azdirachta indica) is also known as Margosa tree. It is also called the tree of 21 st century and is a wonder tree because of its uses in various fields including pollution control, pest control, reducing soil erosion etc. The tree is also well known for its  germicidal properties and medicinal uses. Each and every part of the tree is beneficial. For example the wood is resistant to termite and hence is a good choice for carpentry works, the oil extracted from seeds has medicinal and pesticidal properties and the leaves which are alkaline in nature are utilized for neutralizing the soils.

Health Benefits of Neem

1. Neem has got anti microbial property and hence the application of neem oil or neem powder on the wounds will help you to prevent the invasion of micro organisms in to the body.

2. You can apply neem water on the injuries due to burns and this will help you to heal the burns and also to prevent infections. Neem water bath is also found to be ideal for fighting the infections. Topical application of neem extract will help you to treat the skin diseases.

3. Health tonic made of neem leaf extractions will help you to improve the oxidation level of blood cell. Take 10 grams of neem leaf and boil them in 2 liters of water for 20 minutes. Take one glass of this liquid daily and this will keep your diabetics under control.

4. Neem water extractions will also help you to clean your digestive tract by removing the harmful bacteria and their toxins present in the digestive tract. It also helps you to cure infections in the urinary tract.

5. The bark of the neem, leaves and seed oils contains polysaccharides and limonoids which can be used for fighting the cancer. These ingredients can block the cancer cells from adhering to the normal cells present in the body and can easily excrete them with the help of the immune system of the body.

6. Neem leafs have antihistamine properties due to the presence of nimbidin and it can be used for expanding the blood vessels and there by reducing the blood pressure.

Neem being a wonder tree can cure a lot more diseases like cholesterol, arthritis, gastritis, inflammation, fever and can control hair fall, graying of hair etc.