Medical Spa

Spas are no longer the resorts where you go for a refreshing body massage and facial treatment. The therapeutic activity of spa treatment has spread beyond its conventional area. Nowadays, medical spas have become an extension of the traditional spas, where medical treatments are offered in a spa-like ambiance.

Medical spa

Medical spas are something in between a doctor’s clinic and a day spa. Here medical facial treatments are offered in a relaxed environment. Medical spas usually offer a wide array of services. The spa services primarily concentrate on various types of skin treatments. Under the professional guidance of dermatologists and health experts, people visit these spas to remove facial discoloration, repair damaged skin and for anti aging skin treatments.

Laser medical spas are medical spas that specialize in laser treatment. Laser treatments are used for removing body and facial hair, removing spots, repairing damaged capillaries and skin tightening.

Photofacials, microdermabrasion and anti aging facial treatment by administering Botox are offered in laser medical spas. You can even have a facelift or breast implant in a medical spa. Besides skin care, tooth whitening and oral health care are part of the service of several medical spas.

Some medical spas offer alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbal treatment, ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy for treating health disorders. You can even avail a relaxing spa massage and herbal facial treatment in the medical spas. Along with cosmetic treatment, some medical spas have dieticians and weight loss experts who would guide you to plan your diet.

Things to consider before visiting a medical spa

Before availing the service of the spa, you should clarify certain aspects of the spa service. A medical spa should work under the guidance of qualified health experts. Make sure that the medical treatments are conducted only by professionals.

Medical spas should employ the services of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, licensed estheticians and registered nurses. The spa should have state of the art equipments. They should maintain proper hygiene norms. If the spa offers services for pregnant women, check whether an obstetrician and gynecologist is present in the spa.