Maternity Fashion – How To Dress During Pregnancy

Is pregnancy restricting your sartorial pleasure? Although you can no longer fit into your regular pre-pregnancy clothes, nonetheless you can adopt a stunning maternity fashion that will make you look stunning despite your bulging belly.

Hiding the bulging tummy

If you are not yet comfortable with your bulging tummy, you can try some simple clothing tips that could hide your tummy during the first few months of pregnancy. You can hide your belly behind a button down shirt, with a tank top tucked underneath the shirt. If the weather permits, wear a jacket to hide your tummy. A long scarf, tied stylishly, might hide your tummy. You can use oversized accessories such as a large bag or wallet to hide your tummy from public view.

Tell everyone, you are pregnant

As pregnancy progresses, you can no longer hide your growing belly. Now it is time to tell the world you are pregnant. Flaunting the bulging tummy could be an attractive phase of maternity fashion. Keep aside over sized pregnancy clothes and wear dresses that would hug your tummy. You can wear a comfortable tummy-hugging top with side shirring. V-necks of dresses would be perfect for showing off your pregnancy cleavage.


Although black and neutral shades are the popular color tones that make a pregnant woman appear slimmer, to flaunt your pregnant body you need not stick to any rigid color code.


You should carefully choose your footwear during pregnancy. Always wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet. You can opt for athletic shoes with enough space for your toes. Always go for shoes with low and broad heels. Pregnancy footwear should offer proper ankle support.


You can buy over sized fashion bras to support your growing breasts. However, to fit your growing breasts you should be prepared to visit the stores frequently. Perhaps to save money, you can consider buying a nursing bra, which could be used for a longer time, even when you are nursing your baby.


You can wear short, layered necklaces or long necklaces that would reach your waist. You can opt for chunky jewelries, bangles, bracelets and cocktail rings.