Managing Stress During Pregnancy

stress-during-pregnancy Stress is harmful for our physical and mental health. However, stress is particularly harmful during pregnancy.

Adverse effect of stress during pregnancy
Stress during pregnancy is harmful both for the mother and for the child. Stress is often related to preterm delivery. Low birth weight can also arise from stress during pregnancy. Stress increases the blood pressure level and heartbeat rate of the mother, both of which can be harmful for the unborn child.

Managing stress during pregnancy
When you are pregnant, try to avoid stress. However, it might be difficult for women to avoid stress arising from their professional and personal life. Therefore, you should learn ways to manage stress during pregnancy. Despite your hectic work schedule, if you learn the details of stress management, you can reduce stress in your life, saving your baby from the adverse effects of stress.

A healthy diet will not only give your unborn child the essential nutrients, but it can also help you to cope with stress. Avoid junk foods and oily or fatty foods. They will only help to increase your stress. A well balanced diet should include colorful fruits and vegetables, nut and dairy products.

Regular exercise can help to refresh your mind. It also helps to ease labor. To reduce stress, you can also go on a walk. Meditation can help to overcome stress.

An easy way to overcome stress is to have a good sleep. During pregnancy, you should get plenty of sleep. To ensure sound sleep, your bedroom should be free from noises. You should have comfortable bed and pillows. To have sound sleep, you can consider taking a relaxing bath, just before going to bed.

Communicating with your partner can help to reduce stress. Your family and friends can also help you to deal with stressful situations. However, sometimes advices coming from family and friends can increase stress during pregnancy. Sometimes we find our friends narrating awkward stories about pregnancy. You will hear different versions of dos and don’ts during pregnancy, which will add to your anxiety. During pregnancy, you should avoid these “friendly” advices, and instead rely on your obstetrician or gynecologist for the correct information.

Listen to music
Music can help pregnant women to overcome stress. According to a study, listening to lullabies, classical music and sounds of nature could reduce stress during pregnancy.