Managing kids at weddings

wedding-children If you have a large family with nephews and nieces, you’ll want their presence at your wedding. Also, if you or the person you’re marrying has children from a previous marriage, then it is impossible to exclude them. Besides some friends and relatives may be offended if you don’t invite their kids to the wedding.

But then you’re faced with the task of managing children during the ceremony and reception. Kids often get hungry, cranky or impatient and may disrupt the wedding. A little mischief is cute but after non-stop crying or screaming, you may start to lose your patience. To avoid this scenario, prepare yourself to handle children during the wedding.

Children’s room

Children can get bored with usual wedding activities like toasts, dancing and talking. They may become irritable and bother their parents, resulting in annoyed adult guests. Not an ideal wedding situation.

Hence, ensure that children are entertained well during the wedding. Give them a separate table or room with toys and books so they can pass the time. Make sure they have cushions and blankets in case they feel tired and want to sleep.

Wedding sitter

Just like a wedding planner manages the wedding to check if everything is running smoothly, keep a baby sitter to manage the young guests at your wedding. This person should ideally be someone known to the family and friends. Parents need to be comfortable entrusting the care of their children to that person while they enjoy the wedding.

Happy meal

No matter how good and sophisticated your wedding menu may be, it may not get a positive review from the children. Your catering should include popular kids’ food items to keep your little guests happy and satisfied.

Children and ceremonies

It would be rather disconcerting to hear a child scream or start crying when the priest asks ‘Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?’ Observe the solemnity of the ceremony by making alternate arrangements for children to avoid an unintentional disturbance.

Organize a peaceful wedding that includes the presence of happy children.