Manage irrational boss behavior

irrational-boss Believe it or not, bosses are human beings too! It may seem like your manager at work is a form of Satan from hell, but it’s not true. Your boss has another boss who’s pressurizing him in much the same manner.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you feel in the same position? Understanding is the road to a successful relationship. We spend majority of our time at work. Might as well try to make this part of our day a happy one.

Constant vigilance
Your boss is continuously tracking your movements. He or she notices the time you take for lunch, the time you’re away from the desk etc. It’ll probably grate on your nerves but keep cool. Tears or angry outbursts will not help.

Don’t give your boss a chance to point out your faults. Make sure your work is done before you take a break. Have an answer ready for all their questions. They’ll appreciate you more for your professionalism. Remember that your boss is probably feeling the pressure of the workload too and hence needs you at their constant beck and call.

Independent worker
Managers generally have much bigger problems to handle and won’t like having to deal with little issues. Avoid running to your boss for every small question. If they have been unavailable constantly, it should tell you that they’re too busy to be bothered.

At the outset, ask your boss if you can address any doubts to some other senior who could help you. He or she will appreciate that you thought about them and decided to take the initiative to find a solution.

An enigma
Your boss has no defined pattern of behavior and makes your life miserable for no clear reason. Well, this is the time to indulge in some boss psychology: finding out the root of your boss’ behavior. It could be professional, personal or otherwise. Knowing what’s causing the problem will help to find the right solution.

Your job is important to you; so find a way to exist in harmony with your boss.