Mamiya Brings $9,995 Pro Digital Camera

Mamiya DM22 If you want to snap pictures like a pro, instead of going for the ubiquitous consumer DSLR cameras you should try your hands at high-end professional equipments.

However, a nice professional DSLR camera would cost anything around $10K to $15K. The more money you are willing to spend, the better will be the technical specifications of the pro camera. Mamiya, the noted manufacturer of professional photography tools since 1940, has introduced a professional digital camera, named DM22, which is offering the pro level photography technical specifications below $10,000.

Mamiya DM22 features
Mamiya DM22 is a 22-megapixel DSLR camera. If you consider the 35mm DSLR cameras not good enough for capturing best quality images, then this Mamiya DM22 digital camera is appropriate for you. Therefore, if you want to meet the challenges of fashion photography, industrial or scientific photography or studio product photography, you can safely rely on the medium format photography feature of the new affordably priced Mamiya digital camera. The 16bit/channel RAW files help to produce impressive images. To produce the finest quality pictures incorporating the professional touch, you can process the images with the help of either Phase One or Leaf Capture photo editing software preinstalled in the Mamiya DM22 digital camera. Users also have the liberty of using Adobe Lightroom for processing the pictures.

This Mamiya professional digital camera is fitted with 80mm f/2.8 D series Mamiya lens and focal plane shutter. You can also select any Mamiya AF focal plane series lens for producing sharper images. This new digital camera is also compatible with the popular 645MF and Hasselblad lenses. Mamiya DM22 digital camera flaunts 48x36mm sensor. It can produce 5356 x 4056 pixels images. The ISO range of this camera is 25 to 400. Images are stored on a CF card of through FireWire.

Price and availability
Mamiya DM22 digital camera will be available from November. It will cost $9,995.

Mamiya DM28
If you are willing to fish out some more money, instead of the Mamiya DM22 digital camera, you can purchase the new Mamiya DM28 camera. DM28 shares most of the features of DM22. Nonetheless, it has better sensor and ISO range. Mamiya DM28 has 28-megapixel sensor and ISO range from 50 to 800. The price of this camera is $14,990. It will be up for grabs from November.