Malnutrition and Hunger

malnutrition-and-hunger1 Several people across the world are starving either due to drought or wars. They are not able to eat at least one meal a day. In some of the nations, people are getting a meal once in three days. We can’t imagine seeing people in such a pathetic condition. It is estimated that over 400 million children are starving across the world. They are malnourished and won’t be able to achieve normal growth.


We need to eat when our body indicates. It is called hunger. We don’t feel hungry after eating sufficient food. Teens feel hungry often, as they need more food for development of the body. People suffering from malnutrition could not stay healthy due to lack of nutrients. If a person is malnourished for a long time, it affects his mental and physical condition. They become sick and die in some cases. Malnourished children don’t grow tall.

Reasons for Malnutrition, Hunger and Remedy

People, who don’t get enough food for longtime, are malnourished. Some people, who eat plenty, are malnourished because they don’t eat nutritious food. Children should eat food rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Some people may not be able to digest the food or suffering from a disease. They should consult the physician and take proper treatment. The physician would diagnose the disease and recommend appropriate treatment.

People suffering from cystic fibrosis are not able to produce enzymes in the pancreas. Such people won’t be able to absorb nutrients. Lactose intolerant people won’t be able to digest dairy products. Dairy products are responsible for 75% of calcium in the food supply of Americans.

Most of the people across the world suffer from iron deficiency. It is estimated that about 5 billion people worldwide are suffering from iron deficiency. They should eat foods such as bread, fortified flour, cereals, egg yolks and red meat.

People in poor nations including African countries are suffering from malnutrition.

Food producers in the US are fortifying foods with necessary minerals and vitamins. This measure would help to eliminate some of the nutritional deficiencies. Iodized salt would help to prevent problems related with thyroid glands.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

Muscle weakness

Poor Growth

Bleeding Gums

Weak Bones

Bloated Stomach

Rich people and rich nations across the world should come forward and help the poor people to get at least single meal a day.