Making your own garden pond

garden-pond If you are a nature lover who fantasizes about a natural paradise, then the idea of a garden adorned with a pond must be an essential part of your plan.

Also, a thriving garden pond packed with interesting pond creatures can be transformed into a public sanctuary.

However, for setting up a perfect pond in one’s garden, a good plan and abundant space are the first necessities. Post that, there are other important things a person must know. Here are a few points:

Pond lining

The basics of making a garden pond lies in making a perfect lining for a pond. Choose a kind of central location and if possible a partially open area. One must understand that pond creatures have their own specific requirements to survive.

Some prefer shade to flourish their numbers whereas others need some open space. Also, the depth of the pond is another factor to consider. If possible, consult a good garden expert about these aspects.

Generally, it is a risky deal to have pre-formed ponds. There are two-three known materials that are used for a pond-liner. Apply discretion while selecting the right material.

There are ‘concrete linings, pre-formed shells and water-resistant linings.’ There are also options like digging out one’s own pond. However, keep in mind the depth of the pond.

Also, most garden experts advise that the pond must receive sufficient sunlight for the water bodies and creatures to grow. Make sure that the liner is evenly placed on all sides.

Water source and maintenance

The source used for garden ponds is yet another crucial factor to analyze. Some people pick out pumps for ponds. There are other filter options to ensure water supply as well.

However, whatever source of water one selects, it is vital to see that a regular maintenance schedule is conducted.

While clearing water and cleansing it, be careful that you do not disturb a growing or thriving water-creature.

Animals and plants for the pond

There is huge range of water plants and aquatic beings to select from for one’s personal garden pond. There are marine plants and floral variety like Water Lilies, Water Mint, Marigold, Brooklime, Mare’s Tail, Curled Pond weed, Water Soldier etc.

However, each plant requires a different set of aquatic conditions to survive and flourish. Some grow in a shallow environment and others in deep waters. Select plants in accordance to your pond shape and depth.

Aquatic animals like frogs, tadpoles, fishes are natural inhabitants of a garden pond. However, they too have their specific requirements to survive. For instance, fancy fish are not advisable for pond life. A species like Sticklebacks are better in a pond.

One can have small varieties of insects like dragon flies for the pond. If the vegetation around the garden is an attractive one then different varieties of creatures will also seek shelter in it.

Whatever one plans; it is essential to take the view of a professional garden expert and designer before venturing into garden-pond making.