Big date, small talk: making small talk on dates

dating-small Having conversations on a date isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a quiet person. Awkward silences and lackluster conversations make you impatient to end the evening as soon as possible. If you don’t know the person well, chances are you won’t have much to talk about.

This is why you get to know each other through conversation. And the not-so-secret password to a good conversation is small talk. Many people find it difficult to make small talk on a date. However, one can learn how to conquer this inability.

More than words

You may be a talkative person, but if you’re fidgety your date is sure to notice and feel uncomfortable in your company. Body language is as important as spoken language.

Appear relaxed and confident

Smile and show interest in your date. Remember that the date is not all about you. Some people become self-conscious in the company of another person. This tendency should be avoided. Prepare yourself to focus more on your date than yourself.

Listen and learn

Even if you can’t talk up a storm, a few sentences and questions may suffice. Allow the other person to speak if you feel uneasy talking for too long. Ask them questions that require long answers. Pay attention to what they say so you can comment or carry forward the conversation easily.

Top stories

Awareness of current events helps in striking up good conversations. Read newspapers, magazines and bring up a topic you’ve read about if a silence zone surrounds your date. But avoid political and religious debates as they can get ugly.

You and I

Talk about yourself, your family and friends, hobbies, work etc. Ask your date about the same. You may discover a common interest or end up discussing a movie or book you both love. Either way, you’ll leave the awkwardness behind and start a great conversation.

Engage your date in interesting small talk and put him/her at ease. Besides, how long can you gaze endlessly into each other’s eyes!