Making a baby book

baby-sb A lot of excitement accompanies the arrival of a baby in the house. Life becomes cheerful and everyone starts speaking baby language and playing with baby toys to entertain the little angel. This fleeting period of joy ends when the baby grows up.

One cannot hold on to this precious time forever; however, one can keep its memories. While you’re up to your ears in diapers and feeding bottles, remove some time to make a baby book. You’ll be grateful for it one day when your child is grown up and you want to reminisce on his or her childhood.

Baby book basics

First of all, you’ll need a colorful scrapbook along with other craft equipment like scissors, glue, paper etc. Need it be said that if you have twins or triplets, you’ll need more than one baby book!

The colors of the book depend on your choice. Either you can go with the traditional ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls’ or select bright and multiple colors. Black, however, would be too depressing.

The baby book will probably contain photos, stories and an assortment of other baby items. Select a neutral background so that the focus remains on the things you add in the book.

Make sure you have plenty of baby pictures. Keep a camera ready to capture spontaneous moments like a sneeze that made your baby look like a bunny or the first time he or she laughed.

Baby book ideas

You can start with a colorful family tree and insert the first baby picture in the place where he or she fits in the tree. Write an account on the first page about the birth of the baby and the happy and excited comments of relatives and friends.

Write down any interesting incidents about certain photos. It will give more meaning to the baby book rather than merely placing pictures randomly. Also take pictures of the baby along with his or her grandparents, brothers or sisters, aunts, uncles etc.

Update the book regularly and preserve it carefully for future happy sessions of reminiscing.