Makeup trends 2009-Check them out now

makeup-trends Spring make-up 2009 is in demand at the moment for its simple yet aesthetic appeal. Looking beautiful has been made much more ‘natural’ with the new make-up trends this spring.

So what are you waiting for? Check the latest make-up fashion in spring 2009.

Natural or Nude look

You need not cake your face with make-up to look attractive. The ‘natural’ look won hearts on the ramps and social circles this year. The look begins with a very fine and light foundation base upon one’s face.

It is better to use a matte-foundation rather than a creamy base. Application should be even over the whole face without any patches. A translucent and lighter compact powder is ideal to enhance the look.

Eye-liners are a strict no-no for this look. Try to get some interesting wispy eye-shades. One could experiment with a bit of bronze and a light tinge of gold eye-shades blended with natural shades.

Add mascara in the right amount to highlight eyes further. When it comes to lip colors, nude shades and pale shades would do well. For a light blushing, choose natural and peach blushers.

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes ruled the ramp this summer. One’s eye shape and choice of eye-shadow does the trick here. Also, it adds an element of mystery to one’s over-all persona and beauty.

Dark shades are the best suited for this make-up trend. If black seems too regular then try something like dark purple, gray or bronze.

Put some of this eye-shade on the eyelid and smudge well so that there are no uneven patches. Now add a bit of a lighter shade that would go well with the dark one. This adds contrast and some vibrancy to one’s eyes.

Spice it up with some light shimmer-eye shade on the upper eye lid region, under the brows. Once the shades are set, its time to use an eye-makeup brush to blend in the shades well.

Also, it would be good to avail the help of a professional make up artist before working on this look.

Metallic look

This is one makeup trend that seems to have an everlasting appeal in each fashion season. The metallic look is effervescent as usual with its assortment of bronze, gold, silver, blue, purple, mauve, green and grays.

They are being used for face, eyes and body as well.  If the right blusher is used on the right complexion, it can give a much defined look to one’s cheek bones.

Make sure to select the right blush type (cream-base, powder base or liquid base) for your skin type.

Also, avoid applying sparkling metallic shades in a clustered manner. Take a minimal amount and blend over the cheekbone region in a uniform manner. If needed take the help of a professional makeup personnel.