Make Your Home Sparkle with Lemon Zest

lemon-zest Many women across the globe use lemon zest to look fairer, smoother, and beautiful. It is useful for getting shiny hair, white teeth, preventing wrinkles, clearing black spots, and other things. Lemon zest has many uses and the best thing about it is that you can use it to make your home sparkle.

Coffee Stain Removal

If you hate ugly coffee stains in your coffee mugs then it is time to take some action. Steep some dry lemon zest in water. Once the zest becomes soft, strain the lemon water in the mug and then keep it aside for about three hours. Then you can clean the mug by using a damp cloth. The stain will disappear for good.

Take Care of Smelly Utensils with Lemon

You must have noticed that sometimes cutleries and utensils give off an unpleasant smell. Add some slices of lemon zest into the smelly utensil and pour some lukewarm water. Adding vinegar to this will also help. This will help in getting rid of the odor. If your chopping board and knife smell fishy then you can rub them with lemon zest. The smell will go away like magic.

Tile Stains Removal

It is normal for kitchen and bathroom tiles to collect a lot of dirt after some time. You can get rid of the stains on the tiles by rubbing them with lemon zest and salt. You can employ the same tips for removing yellowish marks from toilet sinks.

Shiny Taps

If you want to have shiny taps in your kitchen and bathroom then you just need to scrub them with lemon zest. The best part of this treatment is that you don’t have to scrub because lemon is powerful enough to get rid of stains. Now you can keep your bathroom and kitchen gleaming by using lemon zest.