Make Up Tips for Dusky Skin

make-up-tips-for-dusky-skin Different age groups as well as different skin types require different ways of wearing make up. The kind of make up shades you choose for yourself depends a lot on your skin type. Your make up will not be the same for your office and for a party. In the two places you need to apply make up differently or else you will look out of place. You also have to consider the weather and humidity levels before applying make up. If you have dusky skin then read on to discover some make up tips.

Make Up Tips

Women who are dusky should be aware of some make up tricks. All you dusky beauties out there can enhance your rich skin tone by applying some light make up. The make up that you select should have warm tones of color. You need to choose colors such as maroon, terracotta, browns, and similar shades to look gorgeous. Stay away from natural and nude shades since they will not look good.

Colors for Your Skin

While selecting a foundation you can try a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone. However, you should not choose a shade of foundation that is very light since it will look unnatural. Choose matt-finish make up as it will look great on your skin. If you want to look stunning then you can use medium shades such as golden and mauve. However, you should avoid all shades of silver, reds, and pinks, as these colors can make you skin appear dull.

You should not use make up in the gel form or any kind of lip gloss. While using blushers, eye shadows and lip colors, choose the colors that compliment your skin. In this way you will look very attractive. Nowadays, people are so enticed by dark skin tones that they apply dark highlighters as well as bronzers to get attractive dusky tone. Therefore, you should feel proud of your beautiful dusky skin.