Make Pest Repeller With Natural Ingredients

Protecting the garden plants from pest attack is a challenging task for most gardeners. From fungi to large animals, several enemies of your garden plants might be lurking in your garden.

Instead of rushing to the garden supply store every time you notice a pest attack, you can make a pest repeller with simple ingredients that are easily available at home. These simple pest repellent tips could save your plants from microorganisms, insects and animals.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a common ingredient in your kitchen cabinet. This cooking ingredient could help to kill fungi. Baking soda is especially beneficial for killing black spot fungal attack on rose shrubs. To prepare a pesticide with baking soda, blend one tablespoon of baking soda with one gallon of water. Add a teaspoon of a liquid detergent to the solution and your liquid pesticide is ready.


Instead of purchasing a commercial weed killer, you can spray vinegar on the leaves of the weeds. The household vinegars are strong enough to kill young weeds, not more than two weeks old. You would need vinegars of higher concentration to kill older weeds.

Vegetable oil

Your vegetable cooking oil can help to destroy the aphid colonies. Mix one cup of vegetable oil with a tablespoon of liquid detergent. Spray the pesticide on aphid infested leaves.

Peppermint oil

To remove ants from your garden, you can spray peppermint oil on the plants. Peppermint oil can even help to eliminate squirrels from your garden.


If you are wondering how to protect your plants from mites, you can prepare a homemade pesticide with buttermilk. Mix ½ cup of buttermilk with about four to five gallons of water. Add about three to four cups of flour to the solution. Strain the mixture. Spray this natural pesticide on the mite colonies.

Deter animals with plants

To prevent deer from ruining your plants, you can consider building a natural barrier with certain plants. You can plant foxglove, dead nettle, yarrow, daffodil or bleeding heart in your garden. In addition, build a strong fence around your garden.

Hot pepper

If squirrels are damaging your plants, you can consider spraying hot pepper in your garden. To increase the strength of the squirrel repellent, add peppermint oil to the hot pepper repellent.