Make a personal area network with Intel’s My Wi-Fi

my-wifi Intel has launched one of the most advanced software of the year called Intel’s My Wi-Fi. It is used with the Intel’s Centrino 2 processor-based laptops. It is a kind of software update and wireless driver that needs to be installed in your laptop to provide the performance. This software allows the wireless networking chip of the laptop to make a Wi–Fi PAN. At a time eight Wi-Fi Certified wireless clients can be connected together, as in a wireless LAN. So there will not be any trouble any more for accessing the LAN form a remote access point.

Because of the Intel’s 5100 Wi-Fi and Intel’s 5300 Wi-Fi Link adapters, a laptop has two interfaces to access a LAN and PAN simultaneously. You can also access internet from any other access point without paying a penny to the access point’s owner. The PAN has HDCP server which enables the laptop to share the internet connection, eight clients at a time. That is you can access the internet and the hotel authority would not have any kind of knowledge about it. Not only this, this software lets you work with some peripheral devices like printers, photo frames and cameras wirelessly without using any kind of routers or access points. So it acts as a PAN resource sharing as well. Many current laptop users may connect their Wi-Fi adapters in an ad hoc mode and start this service but there is one limitation of connecting only to a single wireless service at a time.

Now speaking about the security features of the software, this software uses some of the security protocols such as WEP, WPA and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. There is another mechanism of adding wireless clients to your laptop without having to enter the encryption key manually for al the clients. You can get this software as a free update for you laptop in the later part of the year.