Make a padded wedding album in easy steps

weddingalbum Whether you are going for a wedding gift or you want to keep your wedding pictures and scrap-booking pages safely, a self made padded wedding album can be both cost – effective and customized in the way that you can easily showcase it at any wedding ceremony or keep all your photos safely for easy viewing. It also makes a great gift for someone if some personal touches are there in the decoration of the gift. So given below are few steps to make a padded wedding album.

The things that you will be require are- ring binder, craft batting, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue stick and fabric . At first measure the height , breadth and length of the ring binder. You have to cut the craft batting and fabric accordingly.

The next step is to cut the craft batting with the help of scissors, so that it equals to the height of the binder. The width of the craft should be approximately double the width of the binder so that it covers the front, back and also the spine of the binder.

Now make a hot glue gun by inserting the hot glue stick and waiting it to be heated , so that it makes a good adhesive. Now evenly apply the gum on the binder and then press the batting with the binder so that edges area evenly matched . At first the front should be covered then the spine and then the back. The glue should firmly stick both the binder and the batting.

Now its time to decorate the album with the fabric. Cut the fabric in accordance with the cover. That is the fabric should be cut equal to the height of the binder and double the width of the back and front cover including the spine.  The fabric is taken little extra in length because it has to be folded evenly around the edges of the album.

Now fix the fabric with the padded album binder with the hot glue gun. The extra edges around the corner should be folded nicely and glued for good finishing. It is better to fix a good quality photo on the front of the album, this would give it a more professional look. You can further enhance the beauty by painting some beautiful pictures on the cover.