Maintain Home Décor with Preventive Cleaning

home-decor Have you heard of preventive cleaning to keep your home clean so that it looks tidy and well decorated at all times? This sort of cleaning is very effective in preventing the buildup of dirt and grime in your home. Do you use door mats at home? That is one kind of object that helps in preventive cleaning. Now you can keep your home in sparkling condition if you follow these tips.

Lemon Oil for Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the places at home, which gets dirty very easily and is the most difficult to clean. You can use lemon oil on the shower doors. You should apply it to your shower door about two times a month. All you have to do is take two teaspoons of lemon oil on a piece of dry cloth. Now gently rub the door in horizontal strokes. You should not make circles. This will leave behind a thin coat of lemon oil on the door. Dirty water, soap scum, and shampoo will not be able to leave behind stains on the doors.

Mold Control

You should keep the exhaust fans in your bathroom running as long as take a shower or a bath and even for half an hour after that. This will make sure that the humidity level in the bathroom is low. As a result there will not be any growth of mold in the bathroom. You can also use a good mold killer, which will work for at least two years. This will be able to prevent the additional growth of mold in the bathtub or shower area.

Residue Free Bathroom

It makes sense to use a good bath soap that does not leave an ugly chalky residue on the shower doors and bathtub walls. Usually deodorant soaps are common culprits in leaving behind chalky residues. Change your soap and your bathroom tiles will be easier to maintain and clean.


  • Very interesting way to clean your bathroom. Keep up the good work !