Lunch Box Ideas for Your Kid

Lunch Box Ideas Lunch for Your Kid

You will be packing food for your kid in his lunch box because you want your kid to eat healthy foods and avoid all the junk foods. During the starting period it will be exciting for you and your child and gradually it becomes a routine work and slowly lunch pack appears to be monotonous. This makes your kid to lose interest in taking lunch from home and he prefers to buy food from sores in school. The following tips may help you to make your kid’s lunch box interesting.

Lunch Box Ideas

In order to make your kids lunch box interesting you need t change the menu daily. Otherwise the child gets bored and he won’t eat properly. Plan a menu for the whole week and mix up the menu to change the same pattern. This makes your kid interested in knowing what is inside and this interest leads him to eat food. While preparing food, know your kid’s choice and try to include the favorite food of your kid in small quantities in his lunch. But make sure that you are not adding it overly as it will kill your kid’s interest in that food.

Also keep a treat for your kid for finishing his lunch and most of the kids like to have chocolate, pastry, candies etc. so keep a small piece of such treats every day and tell him that is a reward for finishing his food. If he didn’t finish his food then he won’t get it next day. This adds interest in finishing the food.



Sandwich may be the most popular idea for the lunch but instead of going for the same sandwich you can change fillings everyday like cheese filling, jelly fillings, turkey salad, ham etc. You can also change the bread and can use white bread, brown bread, whole grain bread etc. Try to make different shapes out of the sandwiches and cut it in to triangular, round, star shapes etc.

Fruits and Salads

Pack a fruit in your kid’s lunch box every day and ensure that you are giving different fruits on each day. You can also try a fruit salad or include carrot, tomatoes and dried fruits along with the fruit salad. If your kid likes to have pasta then make pasta salad and this will add extra benefit of eating vegetables too. Even soups make a good option for lunch box.

You can even choose healthy snacks like pizza, cookies, potato wedges, muffins etc.