Lose Weight With Morning Banana Diet

morning-banana-diet If you are thinking of shedding those extra fats from your body, you can try the banana diet. Banana diet had originated in Japan. Thanks to the social networking sites on the internet, the craze of the banana diet plan has now spread to nearly every country around the world. Banana is a nutritious fruit. It is a rich source of potassium, B vitamins and fiber.

Morning banana diet
Banana breakfast
This is an extremely simple diet plan that anybody could follow. To lose weight, you simply have to start your day with a banana. Depending on the size of the banana, you can have one or more bananas for breakfast.

However, don’t overeat bananas. Moreover, you don’t have the liberty of adding bananas to desserts or cereals. You have to eat raw and unfrozen bananas. Organic bananas are preferable. If you are bored with your banana only breakfast, you can occasionally have some other fruits. If 30 minutes after having your bananas for breakfast, you are again struck by hunger pangs, you can have some healthy food such as oatmeal or rice ball.

Lunch and dinner
There are no strict dietary recommendations for lunch and dinner. Unlike your banana only breakfast, you can have a variety of foods for both lunch and dinner. However, it is advisable to reduce the amount of rice and fried foods from your meals. You should avoid desserts during lunch and dinner.

According to Japanese dieting norm, you should not eat until you are full. Instead, remember to keep 3/7 part of your stomach empty after every meal. You should also have your dinner within 8pm.

Having snacks in between meals are allowed in the morning banana diet.

However, snacks should be healthy. You can have fresh fruits, salted seaweed or popcorn as snack. You can have your afternoon snack at 3 p.m. Having snacks, occasionally, after dinner is permissible.

Drinking chilled or hot water is disallowed in the morning banana diet plan. You can drink water only at room temperature. You are advised to drink water only in small sips. You should limit consumption of milk and other beverages.