Lose Weight, Cure Depression

lose-weight Losing weight is not only about looking nice and saving your body from a series of illnesses, but it can also boost your mental health. According to studies, obesity is indeed linked to depression.

Obesity and depression
Both obesity and depression affect each other. It has been observed that obesity makes a person depressed, and at the same time, a depressed person tends to put on excess weight. Psychologists have observed that bad appearance and poor health lowers the self-esteem of an obese person, causing depression. Obese women are particularly prone to depression. At the same time, obesity might be the outcome of depression itself.

Depression changes the composition of brain chemicals. A clinically depressed individual experiences hormonal imbalance and weakened immunity. Owing to depression, the depressed individual fails to take proper care of his/her health. They avoid physical activities and are overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Overeating is often a symptom of clinical depression. Carbohydrates, by aiding serotonin production in the brain, act as a mood booster. While increasing carbohydrate consumption, which is largely in the form of refined grain and sugary products, a depressed individual becomes hooked to calorie rich foods. Besides overeating, antidepressant medications often cause weight gain.

Lose weight to cure depression
A recent University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study has found that weight loss programs could be beneficial for depressed individuals.

According to the study, a behavioral weight loss program, helped depressed individuals not only to lose nearly 8 percent of their weight, but it also improved symptoms of depression. From clinical trials it has been observed that compared to non-depressed individuals, the rate of weight loss is slightly less among depressed persons. In a six-month weight loss program, depressed individuals lost 8 percent of their body weight, whereas, non-depressed individuals managed to shed nearly 11 percent of their body weight. Moreover, a fitness regime helps to reduce the level of triglycerides and bad HDL cholesterol in the blood. It also improves production and absorption of insulin. However, it is advisable that depressed individuals should rely largely on exercises to reduce their body weight. Dieting is strictly forbidden for depressed persons. Dieting would worsen their mood further.