Loft-y aspirations! – Decorating a loft

Some like traditional cottages; others yearn for luxurious mansions. Some others opt to live in a loft. A loft is a large open space used as an apartment. Unlike other residential flats, which other builders have designed, in a loft you get to choose your own apartment design.

There are no actual rooms in a loft. Hence, the first step in decorating this space is to designate the various living spaces – living room, bedroom, dining room. The next step would include arrangement of furniture and storage; then, you could add the final change with decorative items.

Determine the living areas based on the design and structure of the loft. Let your dining area be close to the kitchen. You can keep your bed by the window, making that area your bedroom. The living room could be next to another window with a great view.

Create actual divisions between the various areas so there is a semblance of privacy. Use large pieces of furniture like wardrobes or room dividers. This division, however, does not mean separate rooms so using different colors for the various areas of the loft would not be a good idea. The color scheme you choose should lend a unified appearance to the loft.

Storage is one of the main issues in a loft due to the limited space available. Using furniture that has multiple purposes can solve this problem. Tables and beds with drawers and cabinets serve dual purposes – as furniture and storage space. Bookcases and cupboards provide plenty of space to store your belongings; moreover, they also act as room dividers.

Ensure that almost every piece of furniture you place in the loft has a purpose or two. Since the loft is one large living area, avoid cluttering it with unnecessary items. Few beautiful and unique furnishings will suffice to decorate your loft.

Finish your decoration project with wall art to brighten up the walls. Add color with curtains for the bare windows and vivid rugs for the floor. You are now ready to settle down in your loft.