Liposuction – Knowing the pros and cons

liposuction Liposuction is a popular treatment which many people undergo for removal of excess fat from the body. So if one has the capital to afford it then, it is considered to be the ideal way to remove cellulite from one’s body and getting the trim look.

However attractive as it may sound; there are some benefits and hazards that are involved in undergoing a liposuction. Here’s a peek into both:


Liposuction is definitely a medical achievement to make an obese person regain self-confidence. It can provide a definite shape to one’s body.

Not only fat, extra cellulite deposits in various parts of the body can also be taken care of with liposuction.

Needless to say, the technique greatly enhances one’s figure and appearance. Clothes that might have been a distant dream for a person at some point; can be easily worn by them after this treatment.

Also, one can select the specific regions in one’s body from where they think that fat needs to be removed. For instance, if a person feels that his/her abdomen region looks fatter than the rest of the body then liposuction is used to extract fats from that area.

Also, removal of extra fat from the body ensures that other body organs like the heart, lung, kidney etc. function more actively.

Risks involved

If there are so many benefits of liposuction, then there are some risks involved as well.

Liposuction can often lead to respiratory or pulmonary troubles. A common risk that is reported, is called ‘pulmonary embolism.’

This happens when small chunks of fat that is broken down during the surgery reach the lungs. These chunks are referred to as ‘pulmonary emboli,’ and are known to cause respiratory troubles.

A certain substance called lidocaine is often given to the patient during this surgical treatment. If there is an extra dose that has been put into the body then a certain problem called ‘lidocaine toxicity’ may be seen.

This disorder is characterized by numb tongue and lips, seizure and in severe cases, a heart attack.

Other than this, there are several risks of infections and allergies that are associated with liposuction. Therefore, before going under the knife be sure to consult a good cosmetologist.