Lies Women Often Tell Their Boyfriends/Husbands

lies-women-often-tell Do you always believe whatever your girlfriend or wife tells you? Not every woman can be branded a liar, but certain situations force even the most honest women to take help of a lie as a weapon of self-defense.

Angry or not angry
Are you happy when your girlfriend or wife did not react when you forgot your girlfriend’s birthday, or if suddenly the name of your ex-flame slipped out of our tongue in front of your wife? If your girlfriend or wife says that, she didn’t mind, this is one of the biggest lie, which you are hearing from them. Sometimes, women who suffer from insecurity would hate to say the truth. But if you look carefully at her facial expressions, you will spot her utter irritation at your stupidity. Even when she says she is not angry, she only wants to convey through her facial expression that she is indeed angry.

Single but not interested in a relation
Did she tell you that she is enjoying her single status? Don’t believe her, she is most probably telling a lie. She might tell you she is only interested in her career or after a traumatic breakup, she is disinterested in a new relation, simply look directly in her eyes to spot the truth. If she is telling you a lie, she will avoid eye contact. She will seem uncomfortable, talking too much, which at times might sound gibberish. It is difficult for a woman to enjoy her single status.

Are you too good?
When a woman is madly in love with you, she will say only the nice things you would love to hear. So don’t believe if she says you are best looking man in town, or you are best in bed.

She loves your family and friend
If she tolerates some stupidity of a relative or a friend of yours, it is not because she loves them, but only because she doesn’t want to appear too rude. Even the most polite women will not hide her irritation if your friend or relative visits you too often.