LG Unveils Affordable Touchscreen GD510 Pop, Motorola Bringing V13

LG GD510 Pop features Do you think that you are paying extra bucks for smartphone features on your swanky touchscreen phone that your hardly use? LG has created a phone for people like you, who are looking for a touchscreen phone affordably priced and without the extra flab. LG has recently unveiled the LG GD510 Pop full touchscreen phone that is simple yet attractive. This is not the first time that LG has created an affordable touchscreen phone. LG KP500 Cookie is a touchscreen phone carrying an affordable price tag, which had sold over 7 million units. LG GD510 Pop will be the latest member of LG’s affordable touchscreen phone series.

LG GD510 Pop features
LG Pop features a 3-inch WVGA touch sensitive display. LG has given a near-frameless form to the display, framed only by a 4.8mm wide bezel.

There is a button at the bottom right hand corner of the handset. This sole button on Pop can be used for displaying the menu, end and cancel keys. The mode of the phone is indicated by red or green streak of light, illuminating the phone’s button. LG Pop sports a 3-megapixel camera with video recording capability. An easy to use browser is installed in this LG touchscreen phone, allowing users to download contents and share pictures and videos. This phone has an integrated MP3 player. LG Pop has up to 8GB of internal storage space. It supports stereo Bluetooth. Pop will run on GSM quad band. It can also be used for global roaming. Along with the rechargeable Li-Ion battery, LG Pop also features a solar panel for recharging the battery.

LG GD510 Pop will be available in Europe from the middle of October. It will be later introduced in other countries.

Motorola V13 Ruby
You can also expect to see another touchscreen phone, designed by Motorola, within a few months. This Motorola clamshell phone named, Motorola V13 Ruby will feature two separate displays. The 2-inch external display of the phone will be touch sensitive. This phone will also sport a QVGA internal display. This phone will flaunt a 5-megapixel camera.