LG Cyon SB210 – Smartphone For Golfers

LG Cyon SB210 Are you an avid golfer? LG Electronics has created a mobile phone just for you. We have seen music centric phones for music lovers, high-resolution camera phones that can replace your standalone digital cameras and business phones that keep you connected on the move. Sport centric mobile phones are usually the water, dust and shock resistant ones that could be used by adventure sportspersons. Although there are several Golf apps that can be installed on cell phones, this is perhaps the first time we have a phone dedicated solely to golf. LG Cyon SB210 is a golf centric phone with stunning features that is useful for both golfers as well as non-golfers.

LG Cyon SB210 features
This LG phone could easily become a part of your golfing accessories. The integrated GPS of the phone will help you to access local golf courses and golf related services. Currently details of 280 Korean golf courses are preloaded in the LG Cyon golf centric phone. With the help of the built-in GPS and compass, users can map the details of the distance in real time. The gyro sensor or G sensor, equipped in the handset, will help to measure variations in speed. Moreover, depending on your age, weight and gender, LG Cyon will tell you which club is appropriate for you. To assist your further in your game, LG Cyon will keep you updated about wind direction and related weather news. If you are a fitness freak, this LG golf centric phone will also tell you, with the help of the gyro sensor and pedometer, the amount of calories you have burnt during the golf session. If you are not a golfer, you can also use this as a part of your fitness accessories for measuring the amount of calories burnt while jogging.

LG Cyon sports a 3 inches touch screen LCD display with 240 x 400 resolutions. It has a 3 megapixels camera with auto focus. LG Cyon is equipped with 242MB storage space. With the help of micro SD memory card, external memory of the phone could be expanded. This LG phone is 111mm long, 55mm wide and 12.3mm thin. It measures 106 grams. The USB 2.0 port of the handset will facilitate PC syncing.

Availability and price
Currently LG Cyon SB210 is available only in South Korea for around $539.