LePhone – Touchscreen Android Phone From Lenovo

If cell phone makers such as Nokia can step into the netbook domain, there is no reason why renowned PC makers such as Lenovo should not venture into the cell phone sector. Lenovo has unveiled an Android powered smartphone in the CES 2010, dubbed Lenovo LePhone. The phone’s name is an amalgamation of the Chinese word for happiness and the first two alphabets of the PC giant’s name.Lenovo LePhone features

Lenovo LePhone is a touch screen smartphone powered by the 1GHz Snapdragon processor. This high-end smartphone could compete with the best Android phones of the world in terms of super fast speed. The big display of the smartphone is equipped to produce vivid images. The 3.7 inches touch sensitive display of the upcoming Lenovo phone supports images of 400 x 800 pixel resolution. Below the main display of the phone is a capacitive touch area. Certain functions of the phone are supported by gesture movements. In dark, the home key of the LePhone handset will become invisible.

Lenovo seems to have borrowed several features of the Palm WebOS. Moving away from the customary widget filled home screen on touchscreen phones, Lenovo has emphasized the communication features of the phone on its home screen.

The five main icons displayed on the home screen of LePhone are phone, contacts, messaging, email and IM. On top of the main screen, you will find the weather and time. An icon present at the bottom of the home screen would take you to a set of Android widget screens. Several full screen widgets are installed in the Lenovo LePhone handset. While exploring the Lenovo LePhone handset you will come across several features that will remind you of certain HTC, iPhone and LG attributes. The 12mm thin body of Lenovo LePhone is fitted with a 3.5mm audio jack, which will enable users to connect the phone to a wired headset.

Lenovo LePhone features a 3 megapixel camera. Given the large number of high-end features incorporated in the handset, perhaps Lenovo could have considered giving LePhone a higher resolution camera. Although, Lenovo has not incorporated a physical keyboard in the device, there is provision to connect the LePhone to a QWERTY keyboard or other compatible devices.