Learning British wedding etiquette

British wedding etiquette is similar to American wedding etiquette, but there are some differences as well. These are some of the general etiquette that tend to stay forever. But still some of them has started to change due to the adaptation in the modern era. But we should not change the ethics of these old but golden etiquette. Given below are some of the rules that fall under the British etiquette.

Generally the bride’s family pays all the expenses of the wedding. In the British etiquette it has been advised that the bride should bear all the dues and costs of the entire marriage. But today as more and more couples get married late. So both of them pays for the wedding as both remains  well established.

To support and help the bride and the groom, some bridesmaids and groomsmen are always there. The couple should choose them with care. Generally these people tend to be the members of the family or some of their close relatives or neighbours. They are needed in the church to stand aside the happy couple.

Some etiquette are also to be followed while exiting form the church. The couple should be followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then the mother of the bride and the father of the groom walks out of the church followed right by the groom’s mother and bride’s father. These pattern is to be followed each time. It falls under the culture of the British people.

Generally the wedding takes place in the afternoon. After the wedding gets over , the couple along with the guests moves towards the dining hall for a wedding breakfast. Its a general meal, but still its considered as a breakfast because the people are considered to be empty in their stomach as no one had time to consume something owing to the busy preparations of the wedding.

Generally in the dining room the couple and their parents are made to sit on a special table called Head table, the other guests sit along the different tables across the room. The food is also served with proper etiquette.