Learn Through Spelling Games

spelling-games-for-children You can make use of some good spelling games for children to teach them some basic skills in spelling. Smart children will surely prefer to play cool games over learning any school lesson. Therefore, if you want your children to enjoy spelling and learn it fast then search for some appropriate games that will not only be fun but also educational. You can try these wonderful spelling games and play them with your children, who will definitely love the games and your company as well.


The game of scrabbles is one of the most popular and enjoyable spelling games for cool children. This game is perfect for helping in building your child’s  vocabulary and it will also boost his or her retention of some difficult words. If your children play this game regularly then they will become perfectionists in spelling words. Therefore, encourage them to practice everyday. Those who keep searching for leisure activities will love this game.

Spelling Team

The spelling team is another game that children will certainly love. For this you need to make a game board with proper alphabets. Then keep it in front of your children. Mark all the letters of the English alphabet in a clear manner and make them really big. In case you have very small children then you should write the letters in the alphabetical order. Now ask your children to spell out a given word and as they spell you can make them pinpoint the corresponding English letters, marked on the board.

Online Spelling Games

Those who love to play online games will find exciting online versions of spelling games. Many online games provide tips for children playing in the starting level. Once your children can jump over the first stage of the game they can take a leap to the next stage and increase their vocabulary. You can even ask your children to take the enjoyable Funbrain Spelling Test.