Lassi  / Yogurt drink

Lassi is an ideal drink that can be enjoyed during a hot weather. Lassi is otherwise called yogurt drink and is made by blending water, yogurt, spices and salt. .  Here are some tips to make different types of lassi or yogurt drink.

Sweet Yogurt Drink or Sweet Lassi

This is a very popular drink and is made with the help of rosewater. You can make a basic sweet lassi and then can add any fruits to get the flavor. In order to make sweet yogurt drink you need

One green pod of cardomon
100 milliliter unsweetened and natural yogurt
One and a half teaspoon caster sugar or demerara sugar
One teaspoon of rose water
200 milliliter cold water
Four mint leaves

Get the seeds from the cardamom pod by breaking open the pod and add these seeds to a mixer bowl and to this add the unsweetened yogurt and blend them. Then add one and a half teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon rosewater and cold water. Mix them well and pour in to a tall glass containing ice. You can use the mint leaves for garnishing.

Mango Yogurt Drink/ Mango Lassi

If you want to make mango yogurt drink,  mix half cup mango pulp with one cup plain yogurt, three tablespoon sugar and one cup crushed ice. Blend the entire mixture well and pour in to tall glasses. Garnish them with mint sprigs and serve cold. Instead of mango pulp you can also use canned or fresh mangoes.

Strawberry Lassi/ StrawberryYogurt Drink

Get one pound strawberry, half cup sugar, quarter teaspoon grounded cardamom and a pinch of salt and blend them well till it becomes a smooth mixture. Then add two cup of plain yogurt and one cup of crushed ice and blend them again to get a smooth drink.

Banana Lassi

Collect 150 gram yogurt, two very ripe bananas that are peeled and chopped in to pieces, 150 ml cold water, 150 gram crushed ice, two teaspoon honey and one pod of crushed cardamom seeds. Blend the whole mixture in a blender and serve this by garnishing with a piece of banana.

You can add any fruits and flavors as you prefer and make your own yogurt drink.